WHY WE DO IT Hi my name is Daniel Granger CEO & Owner of Xtreme Fitness. I am passionate about people Health, Fitness & Martial Art Goals. In my 20 year journey in Martial Art & Health, I discovered and realized the importance of uniting different arts and fitness under one roof. For the sole purpose of providing our customer the different option of training. So you can exceed with no limits and be successful in there Health, Fitness & Martial Art Goals. And the most amazing part is that it’s for the whole family.
HOW IT WORKS FOR YOU! Many young Americans grow up with martial arts or some kind of sport as one of their first competitive activities. All sports are great activities that keeps participants physically active. Xtreme Fitness instills a sense of achievement and ethics, as you work your way up in your Fitness & Martial Art Goals. But even if you have no previous experience in martial arts or fitness, it is still a great activity to pick up even as an adult.
 10 HEALTHY BENEFITS - Improved cardiovascular health - Total body workout - Healthy lifestyle - Self confidence - Weight loss - Improved reflexes - Focus and stillness - Better mood - Teaches great morals and values - Muscle tone

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